Spiritual Awareness is a Blessing - Aug 08 Sermon

A question was raised while reading the passage about Jesus telling Peter to cast the net into the deep water, and after the fishermen caught a lot of fish, Peter told Him to go away from him because he was a sinful man. Why did Peter get on his knees to confess his sins? Peter realized the condition he was in which led to his confession and conviction before Jesus. A lot of people don't know their spiritual condition just like how we can't look at our own faces. We need a reflection of a sort to be able to see ourselves both physically and spiritually. Hence, knowing our spiritual condition is a great blessing because it leads to spiritual healing. It is what led Peter to get on his knees to confess his sinful nature.

So what convicted Peter to confess his sinful nature to Jesus? If we consider the background of the story, then we can better understand this passage. Peter and the other fishermen tried to catch fish all night, but they caught nothing when the morning came. They were done and wanted to go home, but unexpectedly, Jesus came asking Peter out of all the fishermen on the shore if He could use his boat to preach to the crowd. Peter, at this point, could have been complaining about having to stay longer at the shore when all he wanted to do was rest and catch some sleep. To make his frustration worse, Jesus could have preached to the crowd about not being anxious because God will provide for all our needs like from Matthew 6 when Peter caught nothing at the waters. After Jesus finished preaching and told Peter to cast the net into the waters, Peter obeyed while expressing his reservation instead of refusing his command outright. When the fishermen caught so much fish that they had to use two boats, Peter stood convicted before Jesus since his attitude before the miracle was skeptical and doubtful.

Through this passage, we can learn about the kinds of people that God will use with the acronym ABC.

- God will use an Available person. Peter made himself available to God even though his circumstances would have made him want to leave.

God will use a Bold person. Boldness is about trusting in the truth. If we are honest and confident in the truth, then we will naturally be bold. Peter was being honest and confident to Jesus when he mentioned that he caught nothing even though he was in the sea all night. The obedience of Peter started with honesty. He tested Jesus and when he was found wrong, he was bold enough to be honest.

God will use a Committed person. We need to commit to serve Jesus as our only Lord and leave everything behind to follow Him. At first, Peter called Jesus as master but after the miracle, he referred to Him as Lord. He committed himself to leave everything behind to follow only Jesus.

So God will use those who have Availability, Boldness, and Commitment.

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